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The process of meeting people has been made easy on SinglesCrib. SinglesCrib is both an online dating and community website, which encourages individuals from all works of life to become involved and create an online profile. Members are able to create profiles which they can use to provide others with information about them. Members are also encouraged to join, listen and learn from our community members and view various profiles belonging to other members to learn more about other members of the community.

Those who participate in SinglesCrib can provide as much or as little personal information as they wish and are not required to give any specific information. Members who are willing to open up more, however, are likely to be more interesting to other members and may accumulate friends very quickly on SinglesCrib.

Searching for Friends on SinglesCrib

The search feature can help new SinglesCrib members to find their perfect match or friends within the community. The search feature allows users to enter a particular word and provides search results which include SinglesCrib members. This is an interesting way to meet potential friends and create connections between users that have similar interests.

Those on SinglesCrib can also join various communities which is the easiest place to connect with people and also to make new friends, Members can also search through SinglesCrib for users with a particular name although this not always effective because most users use their nickname as their profile.

Using Caution on SinglesCrib

Caution should be used when cultivating relationships and friendships on SinglesCrib. The vast majority of those who use SinglesCrib are simply looking to either find their soul mate, make new friends or find long last friends but there is a small percentage of users who may have malicious intents. Although SinglesCrib has created various ways to fish out such users, it is important to remember that the Internet allows a certain degree of anonymity that can allow some unscrupulous individuals to mask their true identity and convince other SinglesCrib members they are someone who they are really not.

Common scenarios that may occur on the Internet include individuals obtaining enough information to steal the identity of another or individuals obtaining information such as an address that enables them to do physical harm to another member on SinglesCrib. Our members should be careful to ensure their private information is kept private while they are online. Some of the information which can be used to harm them may include any combination of the following:

* Phone number

* Bank Verification number

* Credit card numbers

* Bank account numbers

When you are Being Harassed on SinglesCrib

Harassment is a very serious issue which the SinglesCrib admins take seriously. However, the most effective method we recommend for getting those harassing you to stop is to ignore them.  You can also block a user which prevents them from contacting you through SingleCrib and remove them from your friend’s list which will prevent them from adding comments. If another user has created a profile about you with malicious intent you can contact us through our live support or message us through our contact us page, by providing us with a link to the profile and we will investigate the profile and delete it if warranted.





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