Is Online Dating Safe For You

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An impartial guide to the differences between platforms and the risks and benefits of online love search

According to recent statistics on online dating in the UK, in Britain one in 5 relationships starts online and a study published by one of the leading dating sites suggests that by 2031 that number could well being of one in two relationships, which would tend to prove that most of the discredit attached to this type of dating will have disappeared.

We use computers in almost every aspect of our lives, so why not use the vastness of the web to find love? The following is a summary analysis of the current online dating landscape and the risks and rewards that can be found there.

The platforms:

Online dating essentially comes in two forms: more traditional dating websites and the new school of “swiping” applications. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and are aimed at fundamentally different audiences. Traditional websites favor a more in-depth approach with detailed profiles and the correlation of common interests. They are more long-term and, therefore, the monthly fees are decreasing according to the longevity of your registration.

Swiping apps, on the other hand, are often free in their basic version and work on the minimalist principle of a swipe to the right if you like what you see in a potential correspondent profile, receiving another swipe. in return, with the possibility of extending the debate free of charge. One of the major criticisms of these types of online dating apps is that they tend to favor more one-night stands than meaningful relationships; however, they can be a viable option if you are a very busy person with considerable time constraints.

The risks :

However useful online dating may be, and however secure it may be, there is an inherent element of risk in these applications and websites.

Scams – Often in the form of a strange financial request. The scammer will have spent weeks trying to gain the trust of his target, who, suddenly, will be sent a request for financial assistance, often due to allegedly unforeseen circumstances that have affected his new friend.

Before you get emotional and pull out your checkbook or make a wire transfer, ask yourself why are you being asked for money. Why isn’t the person talking to someone in their family or friends instead? In your previous conversations, wouldn’t she have shown an excessive interest in your professional activity or in your income? Like any salesperson worth their salt, the con artist will try to play on the full range of your emotions. Caution is therefore required. Be advised.

Catfishing / False Representations – Catfishing consists of creating a false identity or a false profile in order to pursue one or more relationships online. It must also be admitted that, without the consequences being too serious, everyone is lying, at least if we are to believe a survey dating from 2007, The Truth About Lies in Online Dating Profiles2. 81% of online dating users lie about their height, shape and age.

That said, misrepresentation can be a serious problem that can lead to serious disappointments. If possible, check if a profile photo is current and does not represent a physical from more than twenty-five years ago … 

Identity Theft – Old World Tip: Be Careful About What You Put Online. NEVER post your address in your profile, otherwise you will go well beyond identity theft and face many problems such as stalking and harassment.

Online dating websites require you to provide a certain amount of personal and financial information in order to create your account. Also, make sure you have up to date internet security software to guard against viruses and hackers. Another recommendation: do not use a password that is obvious to you or to a member of your family.

Mismatch Risk – While it’s not an IT-related or life-threatening risk, it can be an annoying risk, to put it mildly. The perception of hooked atoms online is no guarantee of real harmony. It’s easy to show off your flair and wit when you sit quietly in front of a computer; also, be tolerant if, on the first meeting, the person shows a little embarrassment.

If your new date uses an online dating service, it may just be someone who is shy or has had an unhappy romantic experience. Take this into account when you first meet.

The Benefits:
It can’t decrease your chances – The predominant reason for the popularity of online dating is that it increases the likelihood of meeting that many of us dream of. In addition, traditional websites allow you to filter people based on their interests or their physique and, therefore, reduce the time required to find the person who corresponds to you!

Convenience – If you are a single parent or have a very demanding profession, it is much easier to schedule a fifteen minute online chat than to waste time in a trendy bar on a Friday night hoping that George Clooney or Monica Bellucci will buy you a drink.

Fee Savings (and on tedious dating) – We’ve all had that experience of dragging conversations while sipping buckets of champagne in the vain hope that the conversation would eventually bounce back. And all this at a high price. Turning down potential suitors online, who you can see right away is not for you, will save you money and time and keep you from the embarrassment of a first date. poorly fitted.

Confidence Building – As we said, a large number of online dating users resort to this service due to their natural shyness or past bad experiences; if you’re one of those people, it can be a great way to start building trust in a relationship before you meet for the very first time. This too helps you take your time until you feel ready for that very first meeting. If it helps you think of the whole process as a test you’re going to take, you’ll be well prepared.

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