How to Write a Good Online Dating Profile

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For adults, making friends and dating is a normal topic, but many people fail in the process of dating.  An emotional expert said frankly that in a few minutes of dating, it is important to establish a good first impression for each other; it is no exaggeration to say that a good first impression determines the future of your relationship.

90% of success in online dating depends on your profile. If it does not attract attention, if it is implausible, or if it is rude, no one will waste time contacting you. Learn to write honest profiles and, at the same time, attractive.

The profile of everyone who is looking for online dating must be carefully and intelligently drawn up, as it is the marketing tool that can lead to success or failure. In short, it is the bait that allows you to attract the fish to the hook.

Creating a profile is one of the most difficult parts of the process, simply due to the fact that it is not easy for anyone to describe you. Sorry, an attractive description of yourself. 

The following points are proven tips that can assist you in creating an attractive profile.


Honesty is one of the most valued virtues in the world of online dating, and it is the most important aspect to remember when writing a profile.

It is much easier to write about yourself if you are honest about who you are. In this way, you avoid making false proclamations in order to sell yourself. Also, you will save yourself that annoying task trying to write what you think the other person wants to read.

Honesty supposes truthfulness in the sayings, which is later affirmed in the actions. Most people will think that what you write is true, and the last thing you want is to give them a nasty surprise when they find out that you have lied.

For example, if you hate going on bike tours, don’t say you love it just for the sake of looking good to those who enjoy any outdoor activity.

Think about what makes you unique

How are you different? What is it that gives you that unique character? If your friends had to describe you, what are the three things they would say about you? These are good questions to ask yourself when writing a profile.

Let go of negativity

Often times, people start their postulates with phrases like “I’m tired of …”, “I wish never again …”, “I hate people who …”, and so on.

It is advisable not to include them as the first thing you want to highlight on your profile, since the only thing you would achieve is to give the image of a person who has had many sick relationships.

Instead, try to be more positive, to see the nice side of things. Soon, you will notice an increase in the response rate. 

Be open and uninhibited

Leave the formality aside and write your profile as if you were talking to your best friend. Of course, there are things that you would tell your friend and here should not mention.

It is appropriate to avoid referring to your past relationships, your loneliness, or your bad luck with the opposite sex. Don’t look desperate.

Better deeds than words

A good profile should show (not just say) that you are the best. If you are known to be funny, try to explain how and why you are.

For example: “My friends always remember the time I made the deceased’s girlfriend laugh at the funeral” instead of “Everyone compliments my good sense of humor.” It’s about creating an image in their minds that represents the type of person you are.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The importance of including a photo hardly deserves an explanation. Your smile, the context in which you are photographed, what you are wearing; everything helps to form that image of yourself. Of course, try to make the photo as recent as possible.

Update your profile frequently

Keep your profile always fresh. Every so often, go back to your profile and update it so that everyone knows you are around.

Beware of spelling mistakes

Check your profile for grammar and spelling errors before submitting. It shows that you have taken some valuable time writing that profile.

It is recommended that you copy the outline to a word processor and use the spelling and grammar tool so that you can discover those errors that are always overlooked.

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