Dating Advice for Men and Women

dating advice for women
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When you have successfully entered the stage of romantic dating, for your date to go smoothly, we have some tips for your reference:

1. Punctuality is important

Don’t be late. If you are late for special reasons, you should be polite to apologize to the other party.

2. Appropriate grooming and attire

This is not only a kind of respect for each other, but also a good performance to show your personal charm. Therefore, be sure to prepare well before the date. For men: wear neatly and don’t ignore some small details: whether the hair and nails are clean, whether the color of the socks matches the clothes and so on. For girls, dress should be feminine and try to reflect the feminine and charming side.

3. Choose the right dating scene

Two factors must be considered. First, try to choose a place that is more convenient for both parties to reach for the first date. It is best not to make appointments in crowded places such as the station or a place that is difficult to find. Second, don’t choose a place that is too noisy, it will affect each other’s communication. Generally speaking, quiet teahouses and cafes are more suitable because of their soft lighting which can also add a romantic atmosphere. 

4. Show your good personality

When meeting, the friendly attitude and polite manners will not only make the other party full of gratitude to you but also reflect your good cultivation, grace and personality.

If the other person does not seem to be the type of person you like at first glance, please do not put a disappointed expression on your face and say goodbye in a hurry. Being able to meet at the same time and space is also a kind of fate. Don’t hurt the self-esteem of the other party. Sit down and chat for a while. If you don’t have the chance to hold hands, you might as well be a trusted friend.

If you meet someone you like very much, don’t be overly enthusiastic about your behavior. let the other party gradually understand and accept you.

5. No need to spend too much on eating

When meeting for the first time, it is important for both parties to have good communication and exchanges. Therefore, dating consumption does not need to be too large. According to our recommendation, both parties do not have to have a meal for the first date. Drinking tea or drinks is also a good choice.

6. Don’t borrow money from the other party or lend money to the other party

Two parties in love may give gifts to each other to show their hearts. But don’t borrow money from the other party or lend money to the other party if you are not very familiar with it. So as not to embarrass the other party or yourself.

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