Does Online Dating Work?

According to a study published by the Pew Research Center, around 60% of participants had positive experiences with dating platforms. Many people are successful in finding romantic partners online, wh

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Is Online Dating Safe? How can I secure my account?

Your safety is our number one concern on singlescrib. In addition to the security measures put in place by singlescrib, here are some important recommendations to keep in mind when searching for your

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Is Online Dating Safe For You

An impartial guide to the differences between platforms and the risks and benefits of online love searchAccording to recent statistics on online dating in the UK, in Britain one in 5 relationship

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best way to kiss
12 Best Ways to Kiss

Looking for fun ways to kiss? The old saying goes that if kissing isn't fun, you're not doing it right. Whether you're learning how to kiss for the first time, or you want to explore your kissing opti

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How to Start a Conversation With Someone You Like

Nervousness may be an obstacle now, but you can learn how to start a conversation with someone you like and see where it leads.There is nothing more troublesome than learning how to talk to someon

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