About us

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Welcome to the number one exclusive online dating website. The number destination to meet singles around you.

Singlescrib.com is a comprehensive online dating website where you meet your soulmate, meet singles around you, find active match and also find friends.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a meaningful connection between users of our community, which leads to long-term-relationship and to also help individuals by providing various tips and guidance on how to build and have a long-lasting relationship.

We also provide various features to guide individual in finding his/her soul mate.  Some of those features includes;

  • Smart matching- we make use of intelligent compatibility matching system to pair singletons based on compatibility and interest.
  • Community- Our community is made up of amazing, friendly, respectful and fascinating people ago who are ready to mingle. We have various groups and forums where people get to meet each other and share different ideas about the world around them.

At singlescrib.com we are always happy when Singles find their perfect life partners.

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